Web solutions based on PHP, Python, jQuery, Java Enterprise and Microsoft .NET platforms

Our company has always kept pace with the constant and rapid evolution of the World Wide Web, and we have always chosen the most up-to-date tools, techniques and technologies to provide our customers with the most appropriate solutions to their needs. Our developers design and implement user-friendly interfaces and eye-catching graphics, together with efficient, reliable, scale-able, and higher level services.


Mobile device applications – Android and iOS

More and more companies use mobile technologies to reach a larger target audience of potential new customers, to build their customer loyalty, and to uphold the prestige of their brand. Our experts work side-by-side with our customers, in order to develop reliable, beautiful and usable applications offering to all users a full and satisfying experience, on all devices and all platforms. Whenever and wherever they are.


Support for Business Intelligence processes, with MySQL, Qlick View / Sense, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server

We offer companies all the support they need to make Business Intelligence processes easier, improving quality and timing. Our experts are especially focused on data management, integration, and reporting. They master the most widely used RDBMS, data warehouse and data mart, Qlik Sense (TM) and Qlik View (TM).